Message from Vice Chairpersom

1In order to create a comprehensive social protection system in Punjab, the provincial government has a mission to ensure that by 2025 all citizens in Punjab province have a secure livelihood and access to suitable social protection interventions to protect them from falling below a socially acceptable living standard. It envisions a society whose members enjoy a good quality of life, and are able to pursue their personal, social and economic development. Punjab has aligned itself with Global Sustainable Development Goals, with an objective to overcome inequalities and achieve social inclusion so that prosperity is shared by all segments of the society.

The social protection regime in Punjab aims to reduce poverty and inequality in the province, enhance resilience of vulnerable groups confronted with economic shocks, create opportunities for upward social and economic mobility, promote gender equality and enhance social cohesion by mainstreaming the poor, vulnerable and marginalized individuals. We hope to achieve these strategic objectives through multiple policy instruments and social protection Programs designed and implemented by the Punjab Social Protection Authority, the pioneering social protection body in Pakistan.

In accordance with the Prime Minister’s vision of EHSAAS program and  instructions from Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar, Punjab Social Protection Authority has been entrusted with the responsibility to roll out multiple interventions for social protection of the vulnerable groups in Punjab. I feel privileged to narrate that these Programs would be the first step towards the realization of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision for transforming Pakistan into a welfare state like Madina Munawrah, where vulnerable groups such as elderly, widows and the poor were taken care of. It is also the fulfilment of PM’s promise for introducing a system that is for the masses and where all welfare will be for the common people.

To achieve the objective, the provincial government is making strenuous efforts to reduce poverty, inequality and vulnerability by implementing various social protection projects and programs. Notwithstanding the enormous progress made in poverty reduction in the province, Government of the Punjab remains committed to provide different populations and regions with access to basic services. This commitment is reflected in broadening the scope of social protection portfolio to address needs of people.



                                                     Jamal Nasir Cheema

                                    Vice Chairperson

                                                      Punjab Social Protection Authority,

                                        Government of the Punjab