Nayee Zindagi Program

Punjab Social Protection Authority under “Punjab Ehsaas Program” has launched “Nayee Zindagi Program” for acid attack victims. It aims at rehabilitation of acid attack victims through reconstructive surgeries and psychological counselling for their socio-economic mainstreaming. These services will be provided by Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department. PSPA intends to work in close collaboration with Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department for provision of these services bearing the treatment cost.

Access to a rehabilitation program can decrease the consequences of damage, improve health and quality of life, and reduce the use of health services therefore; rehabilitation of these victims is instrumental in enabling them to live, as far as possible, independently and gainfully within their homes and communities. Empowering acid attack victims through an institutional arrangement in various fields can be a very significant step towards mainstreaming their socio-economic conditions. This program has been designed with the following objectives:  

  • To provide medical-psychological rehabilitation to acid attack victims
  • To protect the social rights of the acid attack victims of the society
  • To prevent social exclusion of victims by enabling them to lead dignified and socially included life
  • To reduce vulnerability of acid attack victims by income generation through skill training and interest-free loans for jobs/self-employment

With the help of Rs. 200 million, the victims of the heinous crime of throwing acid will be financially assisted and fully rehabilitated at the government’s expense, including the skin grafting treatment, followed by skill-building and interest-free loans for livelihood support.