Education Stipends


Stipends are provided by Zakat and Ushr Department to the poor and deserving students studying in colleges, universities, polytechnic, madaris (religious institutions) and other educational and professional institutions in Punjab established or recognized by the Government. Istehqaq is determined by Local Zakat Committees and endorsed by the scholarship committee of the educational institute. Scholarship Committee comprises Head of Institution, Class Teacher and a nominee of District Zakat Committee. Educational Stipend (General) is meant to provide financial assistance to the deserving students in order to help them to continue their studies. 

Deeni Madaris

Educational Stipend for students enrolled in Deeni Madaris is provided by Zakat and Ushr Department to the deserving students. The aim is to facilitate them continue their studies of Islam in accordance with the Islamic doctrines and avoid anti-state or anti-society activities. It includes a grant for the Madrisa administration to meet accommodation and food expenses of the students.


Educational Stipends (Technical) are provided by Zakat and Ushr Department to the underprivileged/ poor young boys and girls studying in 348 Vocational Training Institutes established by Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) under the auspice of Zakat and Ushr Department, Government of the Punjab. These stipends aim to rehabilitate the poor youth by imparting them market-oriented technical and professional training under wide range of demand-driven courses.

Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)

Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) is a company set up under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 was established on December 31, 2008 and started its operations in February 2009. It offers scholarship/financial assistance for talented and less privileged students to bring them at par with the more fortunate ones. It supports in creation of critical mass of talented youth for the development of society. PEEF identifies and provide support to extremely marginalized students through special quotas. It also aims to support the less privileged and best students of PBTE, and students of other provinces including AJK, FATA and ICT.