Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program

In Punjab, there is little financial support available for elderly women through the public sector beyond the formal sector employees. PSPA will bridge this gap by launching Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program. The goal of the project is to improve socio-economic wellbeing of the poor elderly women in the Punjab. This program has been designed with the following objectives: 

  • To improve the social inclusion of the poor elderly women by providing them dignified social assistance
  • To improve the subsistence of poor elderly women
  • To reduce the dependency of poor elderly women on their social network

This program will provide dignified social pension for elderly women above the age of 65 in Punjab. Rs. 1.8 billion are being allocated for the first year of this program which will benefit over 110,000 poor elderly women Rs. 2,000 per month will be given to the beneficiaries. The program will be an unconditional cash transfer program. This program will cover most vulnerable individuals in Punjab and provide them with the means of meeting their financial needs.